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By Dorothy Snarkeron April 14, 2015

Having her show and its couples win online polls may be old hat to Lost Girl star Anna Silk. But with the series in its fifth and final season, the Canadian actress says she never takes its devoted fans for granted. Silk spoke about winning the AfterEllen.com 2015 March Madness: Best TV Couple poll with her co-star Zoie Palmer and what we can expect for the end of Lost Girl and Doccubus.

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After five seasons of playing unaligned bisexual Succubus Bo Dennis, Silk is excited for U.S. audiences to see the start of the end as Syfy begins to air the series this Friday. The final 16 episodes have been split into two parts, with the second half expected to begin airing on Showcase in Fall 2015. [Spoiler Alert: Discussions of plot points from the first half of Season 5 will be noted with a spoiler tag.]


AfterEllen.com: Congratulations, Doccubus has taken yet another online title with the March Madness: Best TV Couple title. How do you feel each time you guys come out on top of an online poll, because it’s become a pretty regular occurrence?

Anna Silk: It feels great; it feels really, really great. It’s really a nice way to go into our last season to still be on top and still have people excited to see more Bo and Lauren. So, yes, I’m thrilled.


AE: What do you think it is about this particular coupling of Bo and Lauren that has connected and engaged fans so much? I think to call the fanbase passionate would be an understatement at this point.

AS: I mean, I think that it starts with some great writing and a great evolution for that couple. I think that storyline has always been really honest and real and something that people can relate to and see themselves in. The other part is Zoie and I have always had great chemistry. We’re very good friends. Zoie is a very appealing person [laughs] as I am sure many of your readers will agree with me. She is just a very charismatic and magnetic person. So that chemistry sparks between Bo and Lauren, and between Zoie and I. We have great chemistry and I think that shows on screen. So people must see that.

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AE: So I’m going to ask two tiers of questions here–one for Syfy fans who will start watching Season 5 next week and one for Canadian and virtual Canadian fans who are waiting for the second half of the season. For the former, what do you see as the overarching theme for this final season?

AS: There’s a lot of things happen this season because it’s our final season. So a lot of things need to wrap up and get explained. One of our main themes is family because we’re going to see more of Bo’s family and her roots. And what that means for her and what the bigger picture has been. Also just the family that she has, the family she has made through the characters people have come to know and love. I feel like Bo is particularly strong this season. She is more clear headed and has more of a drive and vision to move forward. She is high energy Bo this season.


AE: At the end of last season, Season 4, where do you think Bo is emotionally?

AS: The end of last season was such a big finish in terms of Bo losing Kenzi. And you know anyone who has come to know Bo knows that’s not acceptable to her. She starts this final season with a real push to get Kenzi back. The season picks up not too long after the last season ended. So there is a lot of energy going into it. She is very, very focused, she’s on a one-track right now. That’s to get Kenzi back. And that’s what I mean about clear-headed going into the season.


[Spoiler AlertAE: InterestinglyKsenia Solo actually leaves for much of the first half of the final season. What did her absence mean for the show, and for Bo? And is there some hope we’ll see her in the final 8 sometime?

AS: What was nice about that storyline was it was Kenzi’s choice to leave. The Fae world is a lot to deal with. Kenzi is human. So I think it’s nice she has to go on that journey for herself. It’s also a way to let her go and understand where that comes from. And understand that that is what you do for people that you love; you set them free.

So, yeah, Bo really kind of sets that relationship free. But it’s certainly not over by any means. It’s a kind of a nice moment between them actually. And necessary. What it does in terms of the show, for Bo, is that Bo has always had to look after Kenzi in some way. I mean Kenzi is very capable, but she is a human. So that responsibility is gone a little bit and she can focus more on the task at hand in terms of getting some answers about her roots.

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[Spoiler Alert] AE: So then will we see Kenzi sometimes in the final eight episodes? 

AS: I don’t know if I can tell you those things. But never fear, there’s nothing to worry about, Bo and Kenzi are not over.

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